Where to Eat in Russia

Where to Eat in Russia

Oh food! How can we live without you? Eating will always be a significant aspect of life, especially if you’re travelling. You need to have the right amount of energy to sustain your wanderlust. And foods can be your greatest companion too.

In Russia, you will never run out of amazing restaurants to visit. To guide you in your Russia travel/ food trip, here are the best places for a sumptuous dining.

P.S. These tempting restaurants may empty your pockets, but we assure you that each destination is worth every ruble.

Café Pushkin

The exceptional Café Pushkin experience comes with price

For elite travelers, Café Pushkin will always be on top of their list. The delicious variety of menu and the aristocrat ambiance complete the perfect setting of a pre- Russian Revolution restaurant and not to mention, the impeccable vodka selection. Be sure to stack up a fair amount of cash and book in advance because Café Pushkin is normally occupied every day .

A tip to some of the café’s favorites: Black caviar with pancakes for breakfast and baked Sturgeon in caviar sauce for lunch or dinner.

Stroganoff Steak House

Stroganoff’s Steak is a food bomb!

Calling all meat lovers, here is a great catch for you! From the name itself, Stroganoff Steak House offers the best steak in Russia. Steak is not the only dish you will enjoy here. Some of the ultimate favorites along with the Beef Stroganoff, are Siberian Fish Stroganina, Kamchatka King Crab Leg and the Traditional Russian Cabbage Soup.

The restaurant also takes pride of its classical architectural style that features the authentic Russian life during the pre-revolution era. Historical galleries glam up the interiors of the restaurant in a very elegant way.


Eating the most important meal at Cook’kareku

Breakfast never looked so appealing and tasty except in a place called Cook’kareku. Located in Moscow, this 24-hour breakfast restaurant is the best place to kick off your day. With just 420 rubles, you can enjoy a full breakfast meal at any time of the day.

Cook’kareku features the importance of having a breakfast, whether you are in a different time zone. So, never skip breakfast in your Russia trip because Cook’kareku is always open for you.

Palkin Restaurant

Delectable dessert courtesy of Palkin Restaurant

If you want a unique, yet traditional Russian dining experience, then Palkin Restaurant in St. Petersburg is a definite choice. With over 200 years of classical service, Palkin has proven that age is just a number. The restaurant is one of the country’s oldest establishments that has continuously served exceptional menu and excellent service.

Pay attention to every single detail in the place because through this, you will discover the impeccable beauty of the restaurant, from the bound leather menu to the dry ice-mist show.

Turandot Restaurant & Social Club

A royal court festival in Turandot

You might be wondering how in the world did a classical restaurant still exist in the contemporary time. Well, Turandot Restaurant & Social Club gives you the concrete answer in a pictographic way. The owners learned, not just to survive but also thrive.

Starting from its fantasy palace design to its dazzling aristocrat interiors, diners will truly feel like a king and queen even for a night. The luscious banquet is a mix of medieval and modern cuisine. With the royal dining experience, you need to have at least $200 per person to fully enjoy your majestic dinner.

Cafe Khachapuri

Gastronomical cheese and egg experience!

Cheese bread, anyone? If you’re gushing over a Khachapuri bite, don’t delay and head on to any four Cafe Khachapuri locations in Russia. The restaurant is relatively more affordable than the aforementioned spots, without the need to compromise the quality of the food. This Georgian café portrays an authentic urban dining and you can never miss their all time favorite, Adjarian Khachapuri. It is a bread with a fresh egg on the center, stuffed with cheese and butter.

After a sumptuous Khachapuri treat, don’t forget to sip a glass of Tsinanda. Now, that’s a perfect combination.


A healthy and tasty treat

Are you a self-confessed vegan? We’ve got something for you here in Moscow, Russia. Fresh is the ideal restaurant for persons who hate meat. With an organic-based menu, the place assures that everything they serve is outright healthy and tasty.

Those who are health conscious, but still want to munch in tasty goodies and sip refreshing smoothies, then Fresh is definitely your ultimate selection. With Fresh, you can cast those diet woes even for awhile!


When class and creativity clash in a plate

Spice up your traditional dining experience at Varvary. The restaurant is a talk in the town, having a chef like Anatoly Komm. The appealing thing about the restaurant is how every cuisine is perfectly cooked and crafted by the artsy chef.

You don’t have to pick and style your food for an Instagram-worthy shot. The presentation itself is definitely ideal for your Instagram feed.