Top Luxury Hotels in Russia

Top LuxurY Hotels in Russia

Looking for a luxurious place to stay in Russia? You don’t have to look any further because you’re on the right track. This is the ultimate posh accommodation guide for your Russia trip, from Moscow, to St. Petersburg to Sochi.

Get ready for an aristocrat living in the land of the tsars!


Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace St. Petersburg

Elegant room style in Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace

Price Range: $280 USD- $550 USD

A 5-star hotel situated in St. Petersburg, Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace offers exceptional accommodation, with its 19th century theme and convenient amenities. And to top that, the hotel includes three restaurants of different cuisines, a pool, a sauna and a 24/7 fitness center.

Angleterre Hotel St. Petersburg

Price Range: $94 USD- $247 USD

The proximity of Angleterre Hotel to some of the country’s top attractions like the Hermitage Museum, St. Isaac’s Cathedral and Winter Palace, makes it a very accessible accommodation to all tourists.

W St. Petersburg

Rooftop bar at W St. Petersburg

Price Range: $187 USD- $370 USD

W St. Petersburg is strategically located in the central district of St. Petersburg. One of the notable features of this pet-friendly hotel is the overlooking terrace that gives panoramic city views. You will also enjoy the amenities inside the hotel like restaurant, cocktail bar, indoor pool, day spa, and fitness center.


Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow

Overlooking view from the hotel

Price Range: $247 USD- $732 USD

Set in the capital city of Moscow, Ararat Park Hyatt is definitely a top-rated hotel in the area. The elegance of this 5-star hotel comes with a hefty price, but your stay will definitely be a one of a kind accommodation, from the sophisticated rooms to the sports bar.

National Moscow

Price Range: $149 USD – $295 USD

One of the oldest hotels in Moscow, National Moscow was built way back 1903. For tourists who want to experience history even with the accommodation, then this classical hotel can be your top choice. The location of the place is also very accessible to places like Red Square and the Moscow Kremlin.

Sheraton Palace Hotel

Price Range: $123 USD – $303 USD

The refined rooms of Sheraton Palace Hotel offer exceptional views of the Bolshoi Theatre and Saint Basil’s Cathedral. The façade and interiors of the hotel is more of an upscale style, with a touch of Russian art. In the hotel, there is chic piano bar and elegant restaurant.

The Ritz Carlton Moscow

View of the State Historical Museum from a Ritz Carlton room

Price Range: $336 USD – $983 USD

Being one of the priciest yet exceptional accommodations in Moscow, The Ritz Carlton assures an incomparable vacation in the country. Through its neoclassical design, refined lobby, elegant rooms and plus marble bathrooms, you will truly feel like a royal persona, even for awhile.

Moscow Marriott Royal Aurora Hotel

Price Range: $145 USD – $344 USD

From the exterior of Moscow Marriott Royal Aurora Hotel, it already proved its elegance and style. Much more on the interiors, where suites with living room and whirlpool tub are beautifully set to meet the expectations of the visitors.


Rodina Grand Hotel & SPA

Massive outdoor pool

Price Range: $344 USD- $728 USD

Perfectly situated in the country’s summer beach resort, Sochi, Rodina Grand Hotel & SPA is a great selection for tourists who want to stay away from the city life. The hotel takes pride not only with the impeccable accommodation, but also its exceptional amenities like library, cinema, indoor & outdoor pool, fitness center, court, restaurants, cafes, bar and of course, a private beach.

Hotel Pullman Sochi Centre

Price Range: $99 USD- $210 USD

Featuring an upscale design with a seaside view, Hotel Pullman Sochi Centre is a good pick for individuals who want to experience a combination of urban and tranquil living. Another notable aspect of the hotel is its affordable rate, compared to other luxury hotels and its nearness to some attractions in the city.

Swissotel Sochi Kamelia

Such a serene place to stay

Price Range: $101 USD- $238 USD

The Swissotel Sochi Kamelia is widely known for its breathtaking landscapes and elegant accommodation. Being located in the Russian Riviera, the hotel offers overlooking view of the Black Sea. Staying in the hotel gives proximity to natural attractions like Sochi Arboretum and Singing Fountains.

Hyatt Regency Sochi  

The city of Sochi is widely recognized for its legendary Black sea. Thus, Hyatt Regency Sochi is ideally one of the top choices for a quality accommodation with breathtaking scenery. This 5-star hotel maybe new, but it has established great reviews from tourists who have experienced the beauty of the place.

Price Range: $101 USD- $401 USD