Russian Natural Parks that will Leave you Breathless

Russian Natural Parks

that will Leave you Breathless

With its extensive area, Russia is unsurprisingly filled with breathtaking natural parks. Up to date, the country has 48 well-preserved parks. Here are some of the best Russian natural parks you shouldn’t miss.

Kenozersky National Park

Notable structure in Kenozersky National Park

Located in the northern part of Russia, Kenozersky National Park has been tagged as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve since 2004.

Tourists are attracted with this natural wonder not just because of the lush surroundings, but also the prominent structure of Porzhensky Pogost. The place has been preserved in the most special way, with its natural and cultural heritage still visible up to the present time.

Zyuratkul National Park

Splendid sunrise at Zyuratkul National Park

Undeniably one of the spectacular and largest parks in Russia. Zyuratkul National Park is a haven mountain ranges, streams and valley. But the most prominent part of the park is the Lake Zyuratkul. The lake is the highest altitude lake in the whole country, having a towering altitude of 724 meters above the sea level.

If you want to go hiking and swimming in the park, visit it during summer because on winter, the water turns into a basin of ice.

Ergaki Nature Park

Colorful landscape of Ergaki National Park

There are a lot of activities to do in the park like trekking, climbing and camping. Even with its recent discovery last 2005, the whole park has become a must-see attraction in Russia.

Ergaki National Park stretches into a massive 75 kilometers. It may take you several days to fully explore the park, but the stunning mountain views will make your trip more rewarding.

lena pillars nature park

The out of the world Lena Pillars

The towering pillars are literally exceptional. These massive 100 meter rock formations are called the Lena Pillars. It got its name from the Lena river, which provides life to the vibrant flora existence in the place. Long before the park became a natural reserve, it was a vast ocean.

Thus, even up to now, you will discover fossils in the pillars. Take a cruise up the river and experience the breathtaking high towers of Lena.

Vodlozersky National Park

Peaceful nightlife at Vodlozersky National Park

Forego the usual frenzy nightlife and choose a more serene retreat with nature. Camp under the bright moon and glimmering stars at Vodlozersky National Park. The park is considered as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve because of its vast terrestrial ecosystem.

Losiny Ostrov National Park

Winter at Losiny Ostrov National Park

Being the first ever national park in the country, Losiny Ostrov National Park is well-taken care of. During the early 1980’s, the Russian Council of Ministers decided to turn the guarded hunting area into a natural park. Technically, the park is a forest so it will be very normal to see wild animals like moose, wild boar, and red fox, roaming around the place.

Visit the park with your kids and for sure they will enjoy an encounter with the lively species.

Yugyd Va National Park

Alpine meadows in Yugyd Va National Park

The massive area of the park means a sheer array of natural wonders and vibrant wildlife. Located in the Komi Republic, the park extends up to 18,917 square kilometers, making it the largest natural park in Russia and fourth in the whole world. The park is mainly surrounded with Boreal Forest Biome, with a touch of alpine meadows and river valleys.

And since its creation on 1944, the park has preserved its unspoiled beauty. No wonder tourists all over the world would always include this place on their Russian travel itinerary.

Nizhnyaya Kama National Park

Impressive green scenery of Nizhnyaya Kama National Park

The national park was created to preserve the coniferous existence surrounding the banks of the Kama River. The Nizhnyaya Kama National Park is certainly an ideal place to spend a calming trip in Russia, with its amazing diversity of plants and animals.

Taganay National Park

Wonderful landscape in Taganay National Park

A dramatic composition of flower-filled meadows and mountain ridges make Taganay National Park a unique natural destination. Tourists will never have dull moment in the park because there are lot of exciting activities for everyone such as hiking, rafting and mountain climbing. So if you want to have combination of scenic landscapes and stimulating adventures, then Taganay National Park is a great choice.

Sochi National Park

3-Tier Waterfall in Sochi National Park.

Go waterfalls chasing at Sochi National Park. Some of the most recognized waterfalls in the park are Orekhovsky, Agura, Polikarya and Ivanovsky. Apart from the usual lush surroundings in the park, a unique conservation of a wild animal has been created. Last 2009, the park became the habitat of Persian leopards.

And for adrenaline junkies who want to experience extreme fun, try to walk at the Sochi Bridge. Well, the bridge is just suspended at 650ft high, with impressive views of the entire park. Daredevils would really enjoy this thrilling walk along the world’s longest pedestrian suspended bridge. Definitely a cure for those with fear of heights!