Russian Museums You Should Visit



Are you an art fanatic? Well, Russia’s been waiting for you all year round!

The country is just the perfect place to fill your art cravings with all its massive collections of historical pieces and art galleries. You will never find something as satisfying as the museums in Russia. Check out these Russian museums you should visit.

Moscow Museum of Modern Art

Unique art collections in action

Museums are not just about ancient pieces, but everything little thing about art. Moscow Museum of Modern Art proves that humans in the contemporary time is still fascinated with art in a very unique way. The museum is a distinct portrayal of art in the 20th and 21st centuries.

And the best thing about the museum is its promotion of artistic education. So for all artsy travelers out there, enjoy this special experience of witnessing vast exhibits, while honing the craft that you love.

State Hermitage Museum

Aristocrat architectural style

Even from afar, you will be amazed with the incomparable exterior design of the museum. However, the interiors are much more breathtaking than you imagine. Popularly known as the Hermitage Museum, the place was initially constructed for Empress Elizabeth. However, she died and it was Catherine the Great who completed the museum on 1764.

With a whooping 2.7 million exhibits, Heritage Museum is one of the largest museums in the world. And even up to the present period, the first art collections of Catherine the Great are still visible to the public.

State Russian Museum

Creative works of art

A combination of history and art. State Russian Museum is the home of some of the greatest masterpieces of Russian art. Located in St. Petersburg, the museum shelters substantial collection of sculptures, drawings, artworks and paintings.

Even with just a glimpse of these works of art, you will have an artistic impression of Russian art— classic and creative.

Tretyakov Gallery

Impressive Tretyakov Gallery

An exceptional display of Russian art, Tretyakov Gallery has been tagged as one of the world’s most popular museum. Over 130,000 exhibits are displayed in the museum, ranging from the renowned Trinity to the iconic Theotokos of Vladimir.

For tourists who want to discover the historical significance of Russia in the most effortless way, just to head on the Tretyakov Gallery. With its countless works of art and collections, you will learn the history of the country without reading thick books. Truly, the museum is a sight of learning.

Multimedia Art Museum

Minimalistic exhibits in Black & White

Black and white never looked this awesome and artistic. The Multimedia Art Museum in Moscow is an exception to the usual boring B&W hue. On 2010, the place was first opened to the public as state project and now, it has become one of the most remarkable museums in the whole world.

You will not just be amazed with the numerous collections, but also the structural design itself. The spotless white walls and simple lightings create a more distinctive illustration of the exhibits. All in all— the façade, the interiors and the creations are just impressive.

The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts

Russian sculptures on display

A bit of history though. The museum was initially constructed not because of renowned Russian poet, Alexander Pushkin, but due to the urgency of Moscow to have a fine arts museum. Fast forward, on 1937, the executives have decided to officially name the museum as The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, in commemoration of Pushkin’s 100th anniversary.

Arts enthusiasts will certainly love the wide array of collections in the museum like paintings, sculpture, applied art, archaeology and Numismatics.

Winzavod Center for Contemporary Art

Kids enjoying the Museum Night

Unleash your creative side at Winzavod Center for Contemporary Art. Every mid-May the museum holds a very exciting and fun activity called the Museum Night. In this day, you can create your own piece and get the chance to have it displayed.

Winzavod Center for Contemporary art is not just a single structure, but a complex of buildings composed of al fresco film theatre, ultramodern clothing stalls, art supply stores, photography and artist studios. What more could you ask for? The place is literally suited for all adventurous artists.

State Historical Museum

The prominent red and white fascia of State Historical Museum

From the impressive façade, for sure there’s a more beautiful attraction inside. Well, definitely! The museum takes pride with its intricate architectural style and protects some significant artifacts from the ancient Russian tribes.

You might be wondering if the State Historical Museum is just the same as State Russian Museum. Nope, they are different. But these two museums are similar when it comes to its striking exterior and interior features.