Night Out Spots in Russia

Night Out Spots in Russia

From museum tours to national park hopping, indeed Russia is a great travel destination. But hold a second, the fun does not stop there! After a very stimulating day trip in Russia, you either need a funky night or a serene retreat. Whatever your choice, the country has a lot of selections for you.

The night is still young and don’t get it wasted on your bed. Discover the unconventional beauty of Russia after the descent of the sun. And there, you will realize that the nights in Russia are as beautiful as its daytime.


Wide selection of drinks in Soho’s Dining Room

This bar wouldn’t be considered as one of the finest bars in the world for nothing. Soho Room is a literally an exceptional place to spend the night.

You can start by delving into their dinner treat. Then, after the sumptuous meal, sing your heart out at the karaoke room and sip some drinks on the bar area. And if you are feeling a little bit funky, bring those dance moves to the disco floor. Finally, if you’ve drained all your energy, the terrace pool is waiting for you at the rooftop.

Amazing, right?


A unique drink presentation at PMI Bar

You don’t have to party all night just to have the best night out. Sometimes, just a drink and a good ambiance would be enough. In PMI Bar, you get the chance to have both and even more. The place is a restaurant, a bar and a wine depository.

If you’re wondering where is this perfect spot located, you don’t have to look further because it’s in St. Petersburg, Russia.


The hip Delicatessen with its cocktail drink

A restaurant and a bar fused in one? You got it right. Delicatessen is an amazing combination of hearty foods and vibrant drinks. And to top that, the ambiance of the place makes it a perfect spot for a chill night out.

Some must- try drinks are Pedro Manhattan, Suzerac and the Upside Down Mule. Well, if you’re not into drinking alcohol, don’t fret. There are non-alcoholic beverages specially suited for you.

Mr. Help & Friends

Chill night out at Mr. Help & Friends

Thinking of a great night out spot in Russia? Well, Mr. Help & Friends is there help you solve your problem.

Mr. Help & Friends is founded by a two-time world bartender champion. Thus, the bar features not just impressive cocktail drinks, but also amazing bartending skills. And before you indulge with the tempting alcohol, don’t forget to eat some of the bar’s worldwide selections like Russian potato flapjacks in sour cream dip, Italian beef carpaccio and Scottish salmon poached in white wine.

I Like Wine

Wine + Food = Perfect Combination

If you like wine, then I Like Wine must be your ultimate dream spot.

During daytime, the place offers tasty breakfast like Napoleon cake with lavender coffee and satisfying lunches such as spicy Buffalo wings and cheesy pizzas. And when the night comes, the location turns into a hip cocktail bar and restaurant. Keep your tummy full and try some of the bar’s favorites before you get a headache from the extensive wine variety.

Space Moscow

Dance the night away at Space Moscow

Looking for a frenzied night out ? Space Moscow can be your ideal destination.

Being an affiliate of Space Ibiza, Space Moscow is also an exceptional club for all partygoers around the world. The place is always loaded with dancers of all generations, all in full smiles. And if you think that Space Moscow is just about partying, then you ought to discover that the bar is also an all-in-one destination with restaurant and convention center.


Legendary Propaganda Bar

For people who love to experience a historical atmosphere while dancing to the rhythm of the night, Propaganda Bar is a classical choice.

One of the oldest bars in Moscow, Propaganda Bar has stood the test of time. The traditional, yet funky ambiance of the bar makes every night in the place a very special one. You can choose whether to have a chill night out by the extensive variety of alcoholic drinks or you can party all night while meeting your fellow travelers.

Gipsy Bar

The A-list Gipsy Bar

From food to wine and bar, Gipsy Bar got something for you.

The unique interior design of the bar attracts people to spend the night at the place. And you definitely will not waste your time in Gipsy bar because everything you need is right before your eyes. No wonder, it is a frequent night out spot for locals and travelers in Russia. Gipsy Bar is just unbeatable.