Iconic Structures in Russia

Iconic Structures in Russia

Long before Russia became a tourist attraction, it was a country full of significant events that eventually became part of the interesting history of the country. And in the modern generation, travelers from different parts of the globe are greatly attracted by how the locals perfectly preserve the iconic structures, even up to the present time.

Now, are you ready to discover the unconventional history of Russia through its iconic structures? We’ll make it easier for you through this virtual tour and don’t dare miss these spots or else you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.

Saint Basil’s Cathedral

Colorful domes of Saint Basil’s Cathedral

Popularly known as the Onion Dome in Moscow, Saint Basil’s Cathedral is a living proof of creativity in history. One would never fail to spot this structure because of its vibrant color.

Saint Basil’s Cathedral will always be tagged as one of the most iconic structures in the country, even if you just type it in Google. Try it!

The State Hermitage Museum

The Green Palace of Russia

Because of its extensive area and countless works of art, the State Hermitage Museum has been considered as one of the most notable museums in the world. The complex is composed of five divisions: the Small Hermitage, the Old Hermitage, the New Hermitage, the Hermitage Theatre and the Winter Palace.

You will truly be amazed by its fa├žade that extends up to 24 km, with over 3 million exhibits. What an impressive construction and collection!

Saint Isaac’s Cathedral

Dreamy sunset in a captivating setting

Another striking structure in the country is Saint Isaac’s Cathedral. Located in St. Petersburg, this Russian Orthodox church has outstanding exteriors, making it a literal head turner. The church was made in honor of Saint Isaac of Dalmatia, who was the patron saint of the renowned Peter the Great.

With its massive area, Saint Isaac’s Cathedral is deemed as one of the largest orthodox basilicas in the world. Now, that’s certainly a world-class creation.

State Historical Museum

Red and White hues looked classical

From the looks of it, the building seems to be an aristocrat fortress perfectly erected between the iconic Red and Manege Square in Moscow. But did you know that such structure is no palace but a museum? The State Historical Museum gets hold of some of the most precious historical pieces of the country. With its significance, the museum can be technically considered as a palace of Russia’s noteworthy history.

Kizhi Pogost

The view is just breathtaking

Have you ever witnessed such unique structure that perfectly blended with nature? Russia never stops in making every traveler breathless with its remarkable creations and Kizhi Pogost is just one of the many reasons why Russia is a great travel destination.

The Kizhi Pogost can be toured while you are sightseeing the Lake Onega. Upon your arrival to the place, you will be captivated by three outstanding structures: the Church of the Intercession, the Transfiguration Church and the Bell Tower. And because of its exceptional architectural style, Kizhi Pogost has become a Russian Cultural and UNESCO World Heritage site.

Spasskaya Tower

Tick-tock says the Kremlin Clock

What time is it? Just look up and you’ll be updated with your precious time in Russia. The Spasskaya Tower shelters the Kremlin Clock, which provides the official Moscow time. Being built years ago, specifically in 1491, the tower needs intense refurbishment to keep its value and presence to the modern generation. And to fully preserve the iconic structure, it has undergone a lot of restorations for the past years.

Up to now, the tower continues to relive the history of Russia through the tick-tock of the giant clock.


Perfect color combination with nature

Russia was once governed by rulers and during summer, the Kolomenskoye became the ultimate destination of the tsars. The colorful wooden palace is surrounded with natural features such as lush oak trees, attractive springs and streams.

No doubt, the scenic views and the brilliant structural design make it a perfect getaway for the Russian rulers. And during winter, the palace becomes the only vibrant structure in a field of snow.

The Cathedral of the Dormition

An iconic religious structure

Another breathtaking Russian Orthodox church in Russia is the Cathedral of the Dormition or also known as Assumption Cathedral. The iconic religious structure was consecrated during the 17th century and even up to the current time, it is still a place of worship for some Russian locals.

The eminent exteriors and the intricate interiors of Cathedral of the Dormition are the notable reasons why such church is deemed as an iconic structure in the country. The church has truly lived by its name and its purpose.