Best Cheap Hostels in Russia

Best Cheap Hostels in Russia

If you’re on tight budget but still wants to explore the splendor of Russia, then don’t worry! We’ll guide you in choosing some of the best and rather cheap hostels in the country. Whether you want to stay in Moscow or St. Petersburg, these affordable accommodations will really help you save a lot of money.

Now, are you ready to meet new friends in your hostel room?


Kremlin Lights

Free breakfast and tea in Kremlin Lights

Price Range: $12 USD- $82 USD

Apart from the cheap rates, the setting of Kremlin Lights is certainly a plus factor. Located in heart of Moscow, tourists will really love to wander around the city, with no apprehensions about the time. The hostel is just minutes away from the Kremlin, Red Square, Saint Basil’s Cathedral and Metro station.

Comrade Hostel

Price Range: $10 USD- $41 USD

If you’re seeking for a cheaper accommodation, Comrade Hostel is another great choice. It is also situated in the central district of Moscow, specifically in Kitai-Gorod. Staying in a hostel means you will meet tourists of different nationalities. So better yet know some basic Russian greetings and of course, the English language.

Landmark Hostel

Shared work area in Landmark Hostel

Price Range: $10 USD- $20 USD

Landmark has a great selection for tourists. You can either choose their hotel or hostels, either way, the rates are affordable. For Landmark Hostel, you can sleep conveniently for as low as $ 10 USD per night. All their bedrooms are equipped with essentials like lockers, hangers, hairdryer, desk, lamp and many more. You can also stay at their common area, while chitchatting your newfound friends.

Chocolate Hostel  

Price Range: $14 USD – $39 USD

The proximity of Chocolate Hostel to attractions like Pushkinskaya Square, Lenkom Theatre, Museum of Revolution, Hermitage Garden and The Patriarchal Ponds, makes it a very suitable accommodation in Moscow. And don’t fret, the rates are still within your budget.

High Level Hostel

Cityscape from the hostel living room

Price Range: $22 USD – $60 USD

High Level Hostel offers a one of a kind hostel experience. From the name itself, the hostel is literally elevated, being located at the 43rd floor of the Imperia Tower Skyscraper. With such unique location, High Level Hostel has been tagged as the first and only skyscraper hostel in the world. The rate may be a bit higher than most hostels, but tourists will really enjoy the panoramic city views and the funky hostel style.

St. Petersburg

Soul Kitchen

Festive ambiance in Soul Kitchen

Price Range: $19 USD – $79 USD

Soul Kitchen has been a top favorite when it comes to convenient and comfortable hostel experience in St. Petersburg. It has won several awards to prove its excellence. The location of Soul Kitchen is also a good aspect, being near to Kazan Cathedral, St. Isaac’s Cathedral and Hermitage Museum. Not only that, the balcony of the hostel gives a picturesque view of the Moika River.

Simple Hostel  

Price Range: $13 USD- $46 USD

The name of the hostel is an understatement. From the attractive bedrooms to the cozy living area, no doubt Simple Hostel is one of top hostel selections in St. Petersburg. Near the hostel, you will find attractions like St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Admiralty, Bronze Horseman, The Central Post Office, The Central Post Office and many more.

Baby Lemonade Hostel

Attractive wooden beds in Baby Lemonade Hostel

Price Range: $12 USD- $31 USD

Baby Lemonade Hostel is not your ordinary hostel. It is a 2-star hotel that was established last 2011. And over its existence, it has become one of the most reliable hostels in St. Petersburg because of its location and distinct hostel rooms. Each bedroom in Baby Lemonade Hostel has its own, attractive style, that varies for every type of traveler. And you can enjoy the attractions near the hostel like the Summer Garden, Inzenerny castle and Russian State Museum.

Graffiti L Hostel

Vibrant and funky graffiti in the kitchen

Price Range: $15 USD- $44 USD

Affordable yet cool hostel in St. Petersburg. Graffiti Hostel is a very funky place to stay for a night. The façade of the hostel may have an unflattering pale green color, but the interiors are certainly exceptional. From the bedrooms to the kitchen, you will feel the festive colors in the area. And you will not have a hard time with the location because it’s just a minute away from the metro station.

Mozaika Hostel

Price Range: $12 USD- $31 USD

Travelers who have experienced the accommodation in Mozaika Hostel appreciate the quality service and convenient location of the hostel. The hostel is close to Moskovsky Station and Ligovskiy Prospekt and each room is colorfully designed with reading lights and wood beamed ceilings. With the price, Mozaika Hostel is definitely a great catch.